Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letter to My Daughter

My Dearest Princess Peony,

As I sit with my fingers perched over the keyboard knowing what I want to write but not knowing how to put such emotion to words I feel stuck in a paused moment. Where to begin in my letter to you when I have been there since the beginning? How do I place into mere words the things I should want to impart on you?

You grew near my heart. Always kicking and flexing your muscles. Even then I knew you would be strong. I felt in my blood pumping within me that you would be steadfast like our heartbeats. I knew you were a girl. A smallish me. A tiny pink breath nestled under my ribs, heart beating like a hummingbird's wings.

How has time flown so fast from then? I can picture your round infant face and shiny blue eyes. I can see your grin and hear the chuckling laugh you reserved for play time and first steps. It seems just the other day you were crawling, then walking, and running. Running to catch up. Running to chase the ball. Running to do it first. To do it better. Always wanting to do it better.

I want you to know a few things as you enter this thing called life. You have been here for some time but I see the pressures you will have for rest of your time here, that pivotal moment between little girl and young woman, trying to overstep you. I can see you finding your way and you are doing one heck of a job, daughter.

Firstly, I am unspeakably proud to call you my daughter. You are so logical in your thinking. So artistically eyed. Your beauty comes from within and simply radiates onto those around you. It is such an immense joy to see you give of your talents, to see you bring joy to others. I see you respectful of your elders and gentle with those younger. You have stood up for wrongs and held firm to your moral ground when things were shifting like quicksand. Not many adults can say that. You are ahead of this game simply because you can speak your mind with conviction and respect. A rare trait.

Now, onto some glimmers of wisdom. This is not conclusive as I am still learning myself, but it is what I have to offer you. An open shoebox of some dust catching collectables. Sift through the old jewery and bookmarkers. Broken necklaces and precious earrings. Find the good stuff scrawled on old loose leaf, folded many times. The List if you will.

Always have a good book. Read the fun ones that are like cotton candy but delve into a meaty book now and then. A classic that covers life in all its facets. Read something that takes effort.

Make sure you buy good shoes for running. You don't want to end up with my horrible feet.

Wear your favorite color simply because you love it. Don't be afraid to change that favorite color over time. Opinions change.

Keep up with current events, even if takes time away from Facebook.

Don't play mind numbing games that have little or no value. At least jog your brain with thought games even if it is harder.

Volunteer because it helps others and feels awesome to give back.

Say thank you to God daily for something, even its as simple as the beauty of a raindrop on the window.

Don't doubt your ability to accomplish what He gives you as goals. If God gives you the nudge He will provide the way.

Travel somewhere and take pictures of all He has given you to enjoy.

Feast your ears with God-glorifying music. Listen to things you wouldn't normally pick because there are hidden treasures everywhere. Pay attention to lyrics, because your brain subconsciously is.

Pay attention to what you watch on TV and at the movie theater. Once those visuals are in your head they are there forever. It isn't worth it just because someone said the movie was good.

Read your Bible every day. It will get easier and eventually you will feel like a part of you is missing if haven't.

Write a careful list of the 100 things you want in a husband someday. Be specific. Pray on it daily. No, it isn't too early. When some young man comes along who fits the list you will know God has provided.

If no one fits the list, God still has a plan.

Remember that anyone that asks you to compromise your list for his benefit is probably someone else's future husband.

You are someones future wife and you deserve to be treated as such. You are worth far more respect than some men are willing to give.

Love waits. And then waits some more. Exponentially more husbands and wives have said 'I should've waited.' then have said 'glad I didn't.'

Pay your bills on time and you will not be a slave to the lender.

Buy virus protection and get the extra warranty!

Paint your toes, because it is pretty.

Learn to make bread, can foods, garden, sew, and make herbal remedies for yourself and your family. It is frugal, better for you, and you will feel closer to your Creator when you create things.

Don't ever give up your art. Draw, and sculpt, and paint, and do web design. We are created to be creative and you will thrive when you are using it.

Be polite always.


Pray. Everyday. Multiple times a day. Pray for others. Pray with thanks. Pray for you.

Listen. Listen with your mouth closed and your ears open. Listen to God and He will speak to you through His Word. Listen to your friends and you will hear the real problems behind the problem. Listen to your elders because they do have some experience. Listen to your husband someday and listen with all of you, even when it doesn't interest you. Listen to your children even when it is occasionally bothersome. This is called love.

Dress modestly because you are worth it. Your body is so precious and so beautiful and will not be treated with respectful dignity if it is overly uncovered. You deserve to be looked upon with dignity not leered at with inappropriateness.

Own one good sweater, a scarf with a splash of color, and a great pair of boots. You can work those three items in so many ways.

Always carry chapstick, kleenex, and a brush in your purse. Trust me.

White carpet is always a bad idea.

Find a way to fellowship with other Christians. It is so important.

Find a way to share with unbelievers. It is so important!

Worship, Dance, and Sing like no one can see you or hear you. God does and He does matter.

Memorize Phil 4:13, Romans 1:16, 2 Tim 3:16-17, and Jer 29:11.

Read through Hebrews once a year.

Auntie Sara can fill in for me if ever I can't do it or am unable. She is me-thinking and will never lead you wrong.

The Preacher Man loves you more than you know. He worries about you more than the others. Don't forget about him, he has helped to raise you.

Be respectful to your other set of parents, they love you or they wouldn't challenge you so much.

Be kind to your siblings, always. Be honest. Rebuke. Love. In the end they will always be your closest friends and confidants.

Know that no matter what you do, where you go, or whatever choices you make I will love you. I will support you. I will open my arms and feel you next to my heart and they will beat together.

I love you.

Happy Birthday.

Mother's Day 2012

Always Blessed,
Gretchen :)


  1. this made me cry - slow tears that are still trickling down my face. you are an amazing writer - but beyond this, i love you so much and i love these beautiful thoughts for your beautiful daughter. my heart swells when I think of your whole family. <3 love you.

    1. I wish I had written similar for you a long time ago. I love you, too, my sister. xo

  2. This is absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for sharing this over at WholeHearted Home.

    1. You are welcome. I cried through the whole thing.

  3. What great advice! Thanks for sharing with us!
    I would love it if you would share this (and anything else you have been working on) at my party!

    1. Sure I would! Thank you so much for the invite!


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