Monday, January 14, 2013

Finding Happy With the Flu & Thieves Oil *recipe

On day one of our Influenza Vacation I felt so horrible I knew it was going to be a long couple of days. I had no idea a week later I would still be having trouble breathing and so weak I need to take a break after doing dishes. It has wiped me out. What a messy sickness. With care though our bodies have all fought off (or are fighting off) the sickness and there is finally a light at the end of this tissue laden tunnel. 

A few things made me so very happy whilst stuck in a constant state of I'm-not-sure-I-will-ever-be-better and tylenol haze. We must find the happy in the bad, right?
Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.~ Philippians 4:11
My super amazing husband, took over my role and was a fantastic mom stand in. He took care of the sickies and even had time to go grocery shopping. He kept the healthy kids occupied and did some schooling one day! I was literally out of commission and he stepped up and fully acted on the "in sickness" part of our vows. What a guy! Happy.

My sister gave me a beautiful Teapot that she found out thrifting. Lots of Tea has already been made in this beautiful teapot. Happy.

Isn't it pretty?

Princess Peony shared this week of sickness with me and we spent all kinds of time watching stacks of movies and blowing our noses. We also read. And read. And read. Happy.


Princess Peony and I found instant relief for the constant sinus pressure and sore neck with homemade heat packs. Happy.

Heat Packs.

Thieves oil! Makes. Me. Happy. Well it smells divine and when you are sick it soothes coughs if rubbed on your chest and neck. It helped with my sore muscles and joints by massaging it onto affected areas. We also used it in a spray bottle mixed with water as a way to disinfect the air, bedding, doorknobs, tables, and pretty much everything. It made a lovely bath oil and seemed to clear my sinuses briefly after the bath. 

I did not have any bought however and so whipped up my own. I used the recipe from The Hippy Homemaker. I modified it for a much smaller amount. So you can buy it for $35 a bottle or make your own. :)

Thieves Oil

25 drops clove essential oil
22 drops cinnamon essential oil
9 drops eucalyptus essential oil
6 drops rosemary essential oil

This is a hot oil. It is recommended that you mix 1drop of thieves to 4 drops of a carrier oil.

Have you ever used thieves oil? Share your story!

Always Blessed,
Gretchen :)

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  1. You are amazing! Seriously! I need to take some homemaking lessons from you! :D

    1. oh Cari! Out of necessity come grand inventions and good research. ;) Besides I like a challenge. :)

  2. Thanks for linking me! I love thieves oil so much! It works great as a preventative measure too. I always diffuse it in my house as soon as anyone starts sniffling lol. So far, since using it, I haven't gotten sick nor has my family! It could be our awesome diet, but I would love to attribute it to the thieves oil too lol

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe! It helped us survive the flu weeks! I am a believer in the health benefits now more than ever!! Thank you for stopping by! :)

  3. Gretchen,
    I am new to your blog, came by through the Welcoming House. I am sorry to hear you all have the flu. We had it right before Christmas. Not fun :-) Funny, I forgot to use my essential oils to make some thieves oil for our bought with the flu. I ended up using it a couple of weeks later due to a child with a cough. I will have to see about spraying it around!!! Three of our 7 kiddos have this cough now, so I do believe I should make up some spray to keep it from spreading further!

    BTW, I read your post on organization. I was laughing soooooo hard, ONLY because I could have written it!!! My husband just rolled his eyes, in good fun, when I read him parts....about being chaotically organized!


    1. Kerri! Sorry your kiddos are sick with a cough. That can be so frustrating can't it? I firmly believe that the shortened flu for my youngest children was because I was vigilant with the thieves oil. Seems almost too simple but it did work!

    2. Oh and I'm glad you enjoyed my chaotic organization. The Hubs just let's me go with a okay honey attitude. What can I say? I'm a work in progress! :0)! Thanks for stopping by!


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