The Crew

In an effort to make the blog reading a bit easier to navigate I have decided to give all my lovely readers : Ahem... my future readers... ;) a rundown on The Crew and all nicknames.

The Family~ usually in reference to my nuclear family, the Hubs and kidlets

The Hubs, Preacher Man, or Superman~ My Handsome Husband and my Love.We have an amazingly strong relationship based on God and His grace given us. Without the LORD we would not have held together this Yours, Mine, and Ours family. We knew going into this marriage with divorce hounding our past that we would continually have to put God first, forgive repeatedly, allow each other the grace we didn't deserve and continually grow together. It has been Seven Fantastic years of learning and growing. I love him more now than I did when we said yes.

Pirate Rob~ The eldest child, 16 and sometimes moody, with a wonderful grin and way of making you just have to smile. His siblings absolutely love him and he will throw the football for hours on end for them. He is giving us a run in the teenager department (uncharted territory) but with lots and lots and lots and lots... of prayer this amazing young man is appearing.

Princess Peony~ So nicknamed because she is stunningly beautiful and yet has such a meekness of heart. She so reminds me a strong Peony flower, gracefully bending with the breeze and undamaged in strong storms. She always comes right back up ready to help, to serve, to defend injustices. She is only 13 and yet some days seems somehow much older.

Prince Ray~ My oldest homeschooled child is nine years old. I originally thought when we started homeschooling it would help our relationship and force us to work together. I was right and wrong. I learned we are going to butt heads on everything but that I love him so much I am willing to go through these growing pains while we learn to trust each other better. He is goofy and silly and very loving. He has a bit of a naughty streak but mostly the poor kid just always gets caught! ;)

Sir Bean~ My youngest boy, at six, and a very typical middle child. He will flip between over achiever and naughty little elf depending on what attention he is seeking. He loves to cook and bake. He also loves to build things and get dirty. He is always dirty. His heart is as wide as an ocean liner and he forgives easily and forgets not so easily. Nicknamed based on his willingness to go on missions for his mother, the Queen. :)

Princess Petunia~ My baby. She is full of spirit and very strong of will and heart. My little beauty loves to sing, sing, sing and makes up her own songs frequently. She is smart. Almost too smart. She reads me books. That kind of smart. She makes my heart full so often.

The The Kidlets~ my kids, my nephews, my friend's children, pretty much anyone under 13

The Fam~ My extended family! And all of our extras.

The Brothers~ includes all or some of the brothers, brothers in laws, and the unofficial brothers that we have adopted into The Fam through our hearts.

The Sisters~ Includes all sister, sisters in law, and all ladies that are 'adopted' into the clan.

Rosie~ My sister, and closest friend. She takes pictures that make me want to fall into them. I don't even have words to express what she means to me.
Handy Randy~ Her husband and my Brother in law. He loves me so much he calls me his sister. :)
The Conqueror~ Their oldest son. The name says it all.
The Pickle~ Their youngest son. Just cause he likes them sooo much.

E-Man~ My brother and fellow writer. He has such a talent for poetry it can make your heart cry. The Hubs is gone on work a lot and E-Man is a substitute dad for me quite often. He loves my kids and will be the BEST dad someday.

Newgz~ My other brother. He is compassionate and kind. He and his wife are half crunchy! Just don't tell on him. He is the dad to one beautiful young woman and many, many feline critters. The kidlets love to go see Uncle Newgz because he will let them play on his 'old time' games, like Nintendo.
Hippie Chick~ His wife and my newest sister! She is a brilliant writer and has gone back to school to eventually become a professor! She loves all things 70's and was truly born about 10 years too late. I love her!
Blondie~ Hippie Chick's daughter and my newest niece! She is an lovely young woman who has also followed her mom's footsteps and entered the college circuit!
Mama Pat~ Hippie Chick's mommy and officially part of The Fam.

Gramma T~ My mommy! She is pretty amazing! Has a beautiful pup named Onie. (On-eee)

Pa~ My dad.
A.A~his wife.

Abuela~The Hub's mommy! They live 1500 miles away but we talk regularly.
Abuelo~ The Hub's papa. He pastors a small church in a very small town in Texas. We wish they lived closer.

Giraffe~ My brother in law. He and his pretty wife moved up here to start a new life and heed the LORD's calling. He and The Hubs are like a couple of kids when they get together and Spanglish is the norm. I only ever know half of what they are saying...
Nick~ His wife. She is a tiny little firecracker with a tender heart and great big personality!

M~ One of my oldest and closest friends. She is my heart sister. She lives a million miles away in Georgia.
Farm Girl~ Another friend from a previous life that has stuck by me and loved me through all sorts of stuff.
English Lass~ is my best homeschoolin', praying, loving me friend. She has two kidlets which we shall refer to as Cassatt and Twain.

Well that is most of the crew. There are of course others, but these are the folks most seen in my regular life!


Always Blessed,
Gretchen :)

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