Monday, February 18, 2013

Any Husband or Wife

On The Veranda~ John Singer Sargent


Any Husband or Wife
by Carol Haynes

Let us be guests in one another's house
With deferential "no" and courteous "yes";
Let us take care to hide our foolish moods
Behind a certain show of cheerfulness.

The Angelus~ Jean-Francois Millet

Let us avoid all sullen silences;
We should find fresh and sprightly things to say;
I must be fearful lest you find me dull,
And you must dread to bore me anyway.

Robert Louis Stevenson and His Wife~ John Singer Sargent

Let us knock gently at each other's heart,
Glad of a chance to look within–and yet,
Let us remember that to force one's way
Is the unpardoned breach of etiquette.

Sunday Afternoon ~ Leopold Karl Walter Graf von Kalkreuth

So, shall I be host–you, the hostess,
Until all need for entertainment ends;
We shall be lovers when the last door shuts
But what is better still–we shall be friends.

The Home of the Red, White, and Blue~ Lilly Martin Spencer

Wise Counsel comes in many forms. 

Always Blessed,
Gretchen :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this thought provoking poem. I stopped over from Raising Homemakers.

    1. :) Thank you! Glad you stopped by. Definitely gave me some food for thought. :)

    2. This was a beautiful poem, Gretchen. Thanks for sharing it with me over at WholeHearted Home...oh...and I loved the artwork!!

    3. Me too. I love beautiful things and creative artwork. Seems fitting for such a thought provoking poem.

  2. Sweet and thoughtful poem... Too bad we sometimes reserve the best of everything for guests and give our dearest the rest. Thanks for linking up this past week. I'll have the new party up later this afternoon and would love to have you back!

    Have a happy day,
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

    1. Thank you! I've been out for a week but I will post a little something. :)


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