Wednesday, December 5, 2012

~Simple Christmas~ DIY Gift Ideas:Food

Do It Yourself Gift Ideas!

 I love doing all kinds of crafty whatnots. 
I'm not especially precise or even all that creative when it comes to crafting... anything... but my heart sure is in the right place. 
In an effort to keep costs down and put a bit more love into our Christmas
we are making some gifts!
I especially like the thought of getting the kids involved in making a gift instead of just buying something for the person they are giving Cheer to.  
I have no problem buying gifts, but isn't it nice to receive a special something that someone made for you?

I remember getting the most beautiful book marker from a friend that she had hand crocheted.
I have received a beautifully wrapped box of cookies from a friend for quite a few years and the kids and I can hardly wait till she delivers it bearing smiles and a great visit! I so appreciate it!
Once, a teacher made us little ice skate ornaments out of paper clips!

These are the things people can connect with. It takes some thought. Shouldn't all gifting be like that?

A box of your homemade cookies would be a wonderful gift. Trust me!
Here is a neat way to package those cookies in smaller batches.

We have made mix-in-jar gifts before. Easy to make. Fun to include the kids in and always appreciated by the recipient!  
This site has both these recipes!
Check out Budget 101 for over 30 different mix in jar recipes.

These look like clean recyclables being used for storing mixes! Source

 How about some of your canned goods from last summer's bounty? This could look pretty with a ribbon and bow.
Homemade salsa.

Fruit Basket Season! Don't buy one! Make one! For a quick and simple present pick some choice fruit and place in a pretty container, or basket, and throw in a few peppermint candies. Especially good for the elderly. You can tailor it for a large family or just a single couple.

I like how this one looks.

My other favorite is coffee, hot cocoa, and tea gifts. If you have a lover of one or all you can make a very inexpensive gift. Just remember (because I don't always) to go simple. You are giving a little sample taste of coffee or tea not and entire year's worth. 

This is lovely! You can pick up mugs for a buck at the dollar store.
Minus the slightly cheesy sticker this looks yummy.

I love tea. How nice receive a pretty china tea cup (check the thrift stores for vintage cups) with a few fun tea bags to try out!

And this is just so very cool! Please, anyone, I would like this from my children so please tell them!
Ice Cream Social Kit from here.

More to come next time!

Always Blessed,
Gretchen :)


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