Friday, November 16, 2012

The Great Procrastinator

Oh how I have procrastinated on starting this blog. It has been on my mind for quite some time to get back to writing. Writing something powerful and controversial. Writing something meaningful. Writing something about my life and experiences. Goodness, Gretchen, write something. There may be a small gem of wisdom to impart here and there.

However, I can put off a nudge to do something like no one else I know. I have  proclaimed myself the Queen of Putting Off What Could Be Done... Ever! If ever there was a time in my life to procrastinate on a Holy Spirit Niggle it is at this Season of Life I'm surviving. My husband works out of town and is gone often, we have five children aged 2 to 16, we live a Brady Bunch Style family with mine, his, and ours (and scheduling that entails), and I homeschool. Clearly I have an excuse to not add ONE MORE THING.  I lack the time, the energy and the real culprit; (EEK! Official first confession in Blogworld) the confidence to put anything down on paper or ahem... type on the screen.

I mean, what if I say something that offends. Or, what if I am as boring as a lecture on the merits of the Fugi Apple versus the Braeburn Apple. What if I use there instead of their and the grammar police come and slap my wrist! Gasp!

The LORD doesn't stop though. If you ignore for too long it becomes like a buzzing mosquito in your ear and all things strangely and eventually direct you to THE CONVICTION or IDEA or PERSON that He is wanting you to deal with. It took about three years for me to start homeschooling after I got that first nudge. It took 18 months to start wearing skirts when I got that gentle niggle. And here I am about 9 months of avoiding the push to blog, finally starting. 

WOW. My LORD sure does loves me to put up with me and my 'no' and my 'not right now' complaining.

So I shall muddle through this new adventure and see where it takes me. I will strive to honor God in all my posts as I do in my life. I will share things I love. Things I find wonderfully helpful to myself and my family. Along the way I will hopefully grow in my love for God, my husband, and my family. 

In advance, I apologize to those I will offend but I guess being Christian automatically makes me one who stands apart in thoughts and deeds. I shall offend only out of love. To the Grammar Police: I will do my best to not break any comma, homonym, or spelling mistakes.

Now I shall leave off with a gentle sigh and go eat my Braeburn Apple......

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